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Welcome to Tuticorin Hindustan Bio Plant Private Limited

Company Profile

Tuticorin Hindustan Bio Plant Pvt Ltd has revolutionized the way modern farming for last 15 years with its production and marketing of Organic and Bio Organic Products. Tuticorin Hindustan Bio Plant Pvt Ltd has been widely acclaimed for its planeering efforts in developing the best quality Organic & Blo Organic Products and gained wide appreciation from the farmers. Tuticorin Hindustan Blo Plant Pvt Ltd is committed to produce and supply Organic & Bio Organic Manures and that offer highest yields to the farmers. Our products are mainly Micronutrients, Plant Growth Promoters and Bio Fertilizers, which are helping the farmers to attain 15% to 30% more yields. Hindustan Bloplant Pvt Ltd is a market leader with best infrastructure providing high quality products and services with total customer satisfaction. We are the biggest manufacturer of organic fertiliser products in South India, with a manufacturing capacity of 600 Metric Tons per month. We are committed to achieve 200% growth by developing networks all over India and will launch 200 branches of distributors all over India before the year of 2025. We aim to excel in performance and team work with innovative and ethical business practices, proud of contributing to GREEN INDIA and look ourselves to be admired as a modal organization. We also aim to go global by introducing ourselves to the International market providing quality products to the farmers and agri-horti companies all over the world. The all organic fertilizers are manufacture from Seaweed Algea (Sarkasam, Spyrokira. Red Algea and Green Algea), Vegetable Origin and Herbal Extracts. The organic fertilizers are control the global warming. Soil Pollutions and improves soil fertility. Also control the pest attacks to the plants. It improves stem, leaves and Rowering. It develops fruit quality, size, taste and Natural colour. The major nutrients are NPK, Micro Nutrients, PGR & Harmones. It improves root zone growth, vegetative growth, flower development and Bud improvement upto fruit yield.


To be Global corporation that provides best agricultural solutions thus empowering the farming community by adding prosperity to their lives and providing means of Safe and Healthy agriculture.


To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our customers, employees, distributors and society at large. We hope to reach many mile stones in the path of providing quality human life and environment.