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Amino Acid Powder

Amino acid based biostimulant is a blend of amino acids, micro nutrients and organic matter. It is an organic bio-stimulant which en- hances the growth of leaves, flowers and fruits. It acts as natural complexing agent and improve nutrient uptake from both the soil and follar applications with trace elements. Amino acid fertilizers are read- ily absorbed, transported, and utilized as a source of nitrogen and carbon for plants. They are also efficient metal ion chelators which can help with metal ion nutrient uptake and help protect plants from toxic levels of metal ions. As a biostimulant, amino acids can play important roles in enhancing plant productivity, especially under abiotic and biotic stress conditions. Amino acids, could provide an ideal food source for plant-associated microbes and this helps in colonizing abundant and diverse assortment of microbial taxa that can help plants acquire nu- trients and water and withstand biotic and abi-otic stress.