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Fulvic Powder

Fulvic acid for agriculture improves soil quality, crop yield, and plant health. Adding fulvic acid to the watering and feeding schedules helps in boosting the overall performance of plant. Fulvic acids are the most effective carbon containing chelating compound and it helps in increasing crop yield by promoting vital metabolic processes and helps in improving the performance across all growth stages. It improves nutrient-use efficiency by increasing their bio-availability and facilitating their uptake and distribution throughout the plant. It supports the plant to sustain drought and heat tolerances by maintaining transpiration. It inhibits carbonation and alkali build-up by functioning as a pH buffer and also supports plant-microbial symbioses. Fulvic acids are smaller molecules that work well in both soil and foliar applications, where they transfer vital nutrients through the cell membrane of plants.

Dosage :
Foliar application : 1-2 gm/ltr.of water.

Soil Drenching : 2-3 gm/ltr.of wate r.