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Potassium Humate Powder

Potassium humate is 100% water-soluble andit has a high concentration of organic matter and potassium. It helps in improving the soil in a physical, chemical and biological level, along with providing one of the three primary elements (Potassium) that every plant needs. Potassium humate helps in the addition of organic matter to deficient soils and increases soil fertility, it Increases the vitality and root development, Increases cation exchange capacity and improvement of nutrient absorption, increases synthesisof metabolites which supports healthy plant growth, improves seed germination, stimulates beneficial microbial activity, Improves soil structure and the water retention capacity. It also naturally chelates the microelements of alkaline soils and increases its availability for plants. It is especially beneficial for the liberation of the nutrients that are retained on the soil, so it makes them available for the plant when it needs them.

Dosage :
Follar Spraying : 20 gm per liter of water during the early flowering stage, early fruiting stage and full fruit stage.

Top Dressing : 10 gm per plant

Regular application in an interval of every 10-15 days provides best results.