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Seaweed Extract Liquid

Seaweed or marine algae thrive and absorb the bountiful nutrients present in the ocean and are regarded as treasure house for nutrients and many other active ingredients in the agriculture sector. It is seaweed based organic liquid fertilizer which is filled with the goodness of tresured seaweed and contains most of macro and micro nutrients, formulated using brown Seaweed. It contains sufficient amount of potassium, nitrgen, growth promoting hormones, micronutrients, humic acid, plant growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins), gene regulators, polysaccharides (algenic acid), amino acids, antibiotics (bioactive compounds), and vitamins consequently which increases crop yield, seed germination, resistance to abiotic stress, fungal and insect attacks. it is also benefits in flower set and fruit prodtion. High quality of fruit has been recorded for both herbaceous and woody crop species. Seaweed has been shown to improve the leaf content of microntrents, promote growth, and impart resistance to drought stress and lowers vulnerabilities against diseases in grapes. The key point is that there is an increased economic benefit. Recommended as follar spray for all varieties of crops.